We’re more than just script monkeys and code junkies – we’re business enablers. As masters of our craft, we add value to your business- produce elegant, performant software which gets the job done without breaking budgets or draining manpower. Every business is unique and at TELIOS we understand that the needs of your business MUST define the technology which supports it. This is how we help you be more competitive.  We harness technology to support your ideas in ways that make sense for your business and your customers.


Teleios (pronounced Te-li-os) is an ancient Greek concept, which stands for mature/expert and signifies completeness/wholeness. For us, it stands for Integrity and our relationship with you will always be guided by Professional Ethics. Telios Support Services is a software development firm based out of Lagos, Nigeria. We are masters of our craft, building elegant, performant software that is easy to maintain.

At TELIOS, we believe technology (specifically software) should be a tool to achieve the goals and objectives of an Enterprise. Software should get the job done without breaking budgets or draining resources. We believe this and so we prefer simplicity to complexity, robustness to cleverness, thoroughness to speed.

Our clients will trust us if we always tell the truth… this is Integrity; our clients will respect us if we always do what we say as promised… this is Professionalism; our clients will like us if we always treat them as we see them – special people… this is Service. Consistently achieving these three conditions makes us TELIOS.

A simple and effective way to be more competitive in business is to be able to offer a product or service of the same quality at a lower price, especially if the lower price does NOT reduce your margins.

TELIOS is your secret ingredient to achieve this. As master software craftsmen, we deliver high quality software. As a company located in the developing world, we cost far less than a comparable team in the developed world. And since we are compatible with a broad time zone (GMT -3 to GMT+3) we can communicate in real time.

This is what we offer you – high quality software comparable with what you can get in your country at a price that can’t be matched in your country. This is why we make business sense!


It is our job to help you innovate. At TELIOS, we deploy modern technologies built around software, to give your business a competitive edge.

Cloud/Web/Distributed Applications

Mobile Apps

Applied Machine Learning

We use the following software tools and stacks:

  • Node.js ecosystem
  • Javascript frameworks – React, Vue.js, Angular.js
  • Java
  • Go
  • Python
  • PHP
  • C

We have competence and experience with the following databases

  • Cassandra
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL

We provide the following services

Software Development

Research & Executive Briefs

Business/Systems Analysis

We are continuously improving our ability to serve you.


TELIOS is a modern company, a distributed company. Our team of developers is spread all over Nigeria.

YOU know your business, YOU know WHAT you would like to achieve, WE know software, and since software SHOULD support business, we take our cue from you.

This is why Business/Systems Analysis lies at the heart of our software development process. By leveraging the tools of use cases and wireframes, we seek to clearly understand WHAT you want to achieve and in the process, we help you clarify the purpose for the engagement. This (in our opinion) is a prerequisite for executing a successful software project.

Being a distributed company working remotely for you, we leverage modern communications tools such as slack, jira, hangouts, skype and whatsapp – the goal is to clearly understand what we as a team want to achieve and consistently provide feedback throughout the engagement lifecycle.

Our Engagement Process



initial 45 – 90 minute discussion of what we want to achieve, this helps us both get a feel for each other, define high level goals for the engagement and to get a sense of whether we are right for one another or not. If we’re happy with one another, we proceed to signing a contract and NDA.



This is a variable length process, the end product is a set of use cases and wireframes which you sign off on to produce initial guidance and direction for development of an MVP or prototype. ” Innovation is not about saying yes to everything. It’s about saying NO to all but the most crucial features.” – Steve Jobs. In our opinion, an MVP or prototype is key to achieving success in software development.



Building on the use cases and wireframes, we develop the project in 1 week cycles… the end goal of this is an MVP or prototype. This is typically a 3 month long period.



We continue to improve the MVP, adding all the features desired, employing continuous delivery/deployment technologies to seamlessly deploy changes without downtime. This is a variable length period



This concludes the engagement, you will have a full featured, clearly documented, well tested software application tailor made to give your business a competitive advantage as you create more customers.

In order to make things easy for you, we bill in weekly cycles. If you’re NOT pleased with the previous week’s product we will utilize multiple options to ensure we satisfy you.


The core members of our team are:



We are a business too, and we would like your custom. Talk to us, we’re here to make life easy for you.



Plot 859 Bishop Aboyade Cole Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria.